USCMO announced October 23, 2016 as a National Open Mosque Day. The purpose was to reach out to the neighboring non-Muslim community and counter the anti-Muslim rhetoric with understanding, tolerance, and friendship. We reached out to mosques and leaders around the country to promote and encourage participation in this very important day and numerous mosques responded to the call. A complete list of mosques that reached back to us promising to hold the event can be found here. A friendly user e-guide was also put together, as a resource for mosques, which instructed on how to put together an open mosque day from A to Z.

This was part of the One America Campaign launched by USCMO which included two other initiatives:

  • Open Iftar in Ramadan – inviting non-Muslim neighbors to come and break bread with their local Muslim communities.
  • National Muslim Voter Registration Day – This took place on Eid Al-Adha where voting booths were set up after Eid prayers on September 12, 2016 and Muslim were encouraged to register to vote if they had not already.
Following are some of the news reports that covered the events in their local communities: