Iftar for One America

National Community Ramadan Iftar  – Saturday, June 18, 2016:
Ramadan is a blessed month for every Muslim. Muslim relationship with Allah swt and the Quran enhanced a lot in this month. The attendance in masajid also increased many fold. We will encourage the masajid and community leadership to continue organizing Voter Registration Booths every Friday. They will be helpful in educating and empowering the large gatherings in Masajid.


USCMO has announced the National Community Ramadan Iftar on Saturday, June 18, 2016. We will encourage the Muslim community to organize community iftar programs in masajid or any other place where public officials, school principals, media representatives, interfaith leaders and community members should be invited. It would be a good occasion to show Muslim hospitality and also to convey our concerns, hopes and the message of One America to our gusts. They will also express their solidarity toward the Muslim community. In Jamaica, NY, the area masajid are jointly organizing a Public Iftar with the help of a local community, not for profit, group.


Two other Iftar programs could also be organized: one for needy people living at a homeless shelter or for a soup kitchen etc. The second as a Neighbors iftar at homes. If the leadership and/or the  community members would like to organize these iftar programs on any other day of Ramadan, that would also be welcome. Please share your Iftar experiences on our website.