Million-PostCardUSCMO has declared Eid Al-Adha (Sep 12) National Muslim Voter Registration Day. In order to help get more Muslims involved in the political process, we would like to ask you to hold voter registration booths and give out information regarding the voting process on Eid Al-Adha. Our goal is to collectively help register a million voters.

Pre Eid Instructions

  1. Get your group or team together.
  2. Notify your county clerk or county election officer.
  3. Get your forms and supplies together.
  4. Get familiar with the rules.
  5. Invite candidates and elected officials to the Eid prayer. You can download a candidate list from your county office. Invite all candidates regardless of party affiliation.
  6. Ask the Eid khateeb to give a khutba related to the campaign. Here is a sample khutba you can use as talking points.
  7. Download marketing material.

During Eid Instructions

  1. Arrive Early.
  2. Set up your table or booth.
  3. Have a link if you can do wifi.
  4. Put up signs and have it announced before and after the prayer.
  5. Register people and have fun!

Post Eid Instructions

  1. E-mail us your photos and a brief summary of the event ( so we can post it on the website.
  2. Follow-up by the necessary deadlines.